Some popular questions answered

    Q. How do I authenticate?
    A. Send a header named X-API-KEY with your production API key as the value

    Q. What is the sandbox API key used for?
    A. The sandbox API key is used for the sandbox environment on the developer site. It’s a test environment to get used to the API without effecting your real data

    Q. What do we get access to via the API?
    A. Check the documentation at the link

    Q. What is the cap on results if they’re paginated?
    A. You can request more items per page with a per_page parameter, up to a maximum of 100. The default is 25 records per page.

    Q. How do I need to know if there is more than 100 results and I need to send another request?
    A. Paginated responses will return a Total HTTP Header with the total amount of results so you can send x amount of requests when necessary.

    Q. Can you change the API key?
    A. Yes, if you want to change the API key you can achieve this in your breathe account’s settings under API settings.

    Q. What access do my developers get to the data in the API?
    A. Developers are given all access to the data if they have the API key. This is necessary to build full applications using our API. If you want your developer to no longer have access please change the key.

    Q. Is there a rate limit?
    A. The breathe API supports a maximum of 60 requests in 60 seconds per customer. If you exceed this limit, you will receive the following response:{ "error": { "type": "Rate Limit Reached"} The HTTP status code will be 429.

    Q. Can I access X?
    A. Please check the documentation to see what API calls are available.